C.M. Hein - Participant

R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira - Participant

Participation in the 2nd RETE webinar on "Port-city scenarios during and after COVID-19"

The Scientific Committee of RETE, together with the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus PortCityFutures research group, and international delegates invited viewers to reflect on:
Is the current pandemic different from earlier disruptions? What would make it a major game-changer?
What are practical solutions (perhaps already in the making) that can provide a better relationship between urban and port needs?
What can port authorities do to engage with their neighboring city region?
What do cities and regions need from their ports to make cities more environmentally and socially just?
How can the pandemic change housing and lifestyle patterns, and what does that mean for planning?
What new mobility patterns can emerge?
18 May 2020

2nd RETE Webinar on "Port-city scenarios during and after COVID-19"

Duration18 May 202018 May 2020

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