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African Perspectives on Planning, Design and Construction for Inclusive, Fair and Sustainable Urbanisation

The African Perspectives

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft (Bouwkunde) has a vision for strengthening ties with researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and citizens in the African continent. As a Global University, Bouwkunde wishes to have a positive impact on African’s rapid urbanisation in the next decades. Africa is urbanising at record rates and there are many challenges ahead. According to the World Bank, Africa’s urban population stands at 472 million people today, but this number will double over the next 25 years, reaching 1 billion urban dwellers by 2040.

While the main responsibility for the destiny of African cities lies with African citizens, governments and institutions, we believe that universities everywhere have a role to play in helping educate the next generation of architects, planners, urban designers and the construction sector with a global perspective. We wish to reach out to higher education institutes, governments, businesses and citizens to become partners in promoting sustainable, inclusive and fair urbanisation in Africa within the framework of the New Urban Agenda, adopted at Habitat III in Quito 2016.

This is the reason why Professor Peter Russell launched the AFRICAN PERSPECTIVES initiative in 2016 at BK. Since then, several activities have been organised, including three AFRICA DAY events at BK, a prep con in Addis Ababa in partnership with EiABC (JAN 2018) and most recently, the AFRICAN PERSPECTIVES +12 (27-29 Match 2019), which gathered more than 150 people over three days.
27 Jul 201929 Jul 2019

African Perspectives on Planning, Design and Construction for Inclusive, Fair and Sustainable Urbanisation

Abbreviated titleAfrican Perspectives +12
Duration27 Mar 201929 Mar 2019
Location of eventFaculty of Architecture and the Built Environment - TU Delft
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