Mirko Köhler - Speaker

Philip Haller - Speaker

Sebastian Erdweg - Speaker

Mira Mezini - Speaker

Guido Salvaneschi - Speaker

Distributed incremental processing is an e‚ective solution
for processing large amounts of data in an e�cient way. In
this seŠing, algorithms for operator placement automatically
distribute data queries the the available processing units.
However, current algorithms for operator placement focus
on performance and ignore privacy concerns that arise when
handling sensitive data. We present ongoing research on a
new methodology for privacy-aware operator placement that
both prevents leakage of sensitive information and improves
performance. We implement a working prototype based on
previous work on (local) incremental computation.
22 Jun 2017

Event (Workshop)

TitleIC 2017 First Workshop on Incremental Computing (IC)
DescriptionPart of PLDI 2017

ID: 39384916