S.I. de Wit - Organiser

Ellen Braae - Organiser

Lilli Liçka - Organiser

International and interdisciplinary workshop. The overall aim of the workshop is to get familiar with some of the characteristic features that go along with transformation of post-industrial landscapes. Working with post-industrial landscapes is by all means not business-as-usual. It entails other aesthetics, other programs and on a more fundamental level also other design methodologies and epistemologies. It takes an open eye and a creative mind to grasp the site-specific aspects and reflect their potential futures. It takes knowledge about local actors and networks and about urban dynamics in relation to the site-specific features to work out new programmes, promote new uses and recalibrate current networks. And it requires an active site/non-site relation supported by rich representations, as they turn key in this process. Traditionally post-industrial landscapes have been erased in order to create a blank slate for superimposing new programs and to work with well-known design epistemological schemes of
projection and production, of the desk-based design and the subsequent concretisation of ideas, by the realisation and building of the project on the site. However, from a point of departure informed by sustainable recycling of sites and materials, and by engaging with new aesthetic and designerly norms, we will engage with the ‘as found’ in creative ways. The workshop will thus not only link theory and practice, yet also bring together analysis and conception.
27 Mar 201828 Mar 2018

Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes

Duration27 Mar 201828 Mar 2018
Location of eventfaculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Degree of recognitionInternational event

Event: Workshop

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