Darinka Czischke Ljubetic - Keynote speaker

Plenary session at the ENHR Conference 2019: Housing of the Next European Social Model, Athens, Greece.
Across Europe, the effectiveness of current approaches to housing refugees regarding integration goals is unclear. Refugee integration policies tend to focus mainly on tangible outcomes such as work and education, which are neverthelessconsidered insufficient by a wide range of actors, including refugees themselves. I argue that the role that housing can play in refugee integration has been neglected both in research and policy, disregarding its potential as enabler of social connections such as social bridges, social bonds and social links. Building on case study research on Amsterdam’s new approach to housing young refugees together with Dutch starters in collaborative housing, the relative merits of this approach will be critically examined in relation to its capacity to foster social connections that lead to better integration outcomes.
29 Aug 2019

Event (Conference)

TitleENHR Conference 2019
Abbrev. TitleENHR 2019
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LocationHarokopio University, Department of Geography
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