Roberto Rocco - Chair of programme committee

Amy Thomas - Chair of programme committee

L.G.K. Spoormans - Participant

The process of identifying, interpreting, and implementing values in university education is an essential part of responsible innovation and designing for equitable, inclusive and sustainable cities and communities. We invite teachers, researchers and students to share their experiences around the themes such as value-related teaching content, pedagogical methods, and the challenges surrounding teaching design for values in the current societal context.
The outcome of the project will be the development of a ‘reader’ or textbook on the subject to assist teachers and students with the challenge of teaching design for values. The goal of the workshop is to establish key themes, ideas and contributions for the publication.
21 Feb 2020

Teaching Design for Values

Duration21 Feb 202021 Feb 2020
Location of eventFaculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

Event: Workshop

ID: 71719698