R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira - Speaker

Francesco Chiodelli - Keynote speaker

Willem Salet - Speaker

Presentation at the round table "The complex nexus between public institutions and informality". Round table organised by Francesco Chiodelli (Gran Sasso Science Institute), with Stefano Moroni, Rachelle Alterman, Willem Salet and Alessandro Coppola. As various authors have stressed, the formal and the informal cannot be read as relating to distinct and unconnected domains; on the contrary, a multifaceted continuum of formality and informality exists. It is constituted by an intricate combination of different bundles of actors, practices and rules (McFarlane, 2012; Payne, 2001; Roy, 2005). The consequence is that formal (i.e. public) institutions can shape urban reality not only when practices and processes are compliant with the law, but also when they breach it – that is, public institutions play a direct role in moulding urban informality as well, for instance by creating the space of possibility within which informality develops and survives in a constant (troubled) relation with public actors, norms and practices (McFarlane & Waibel, 2012; Roy, 2009; Simone, 2004).
11 Jul 2019

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