R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira - Speaker

Rachel Keeton - Speaker

Igor Tempels Moreno Pessoa - Speaker

Luz Vergara d'Alençon - Speaker

Claudio Acioly Jr. - Speaker

This session (1) introduces policy makers to social sustainability as a crucial dimension of sustainable development, (2) elaborates on spatial justice as an analytical and practical framework for policy design. (3) explores the notion of informal institutions developed by Elinor Ostrom in her governance of the commons theory, in which culture plays a major role. (4) encourages policy makers and other actors to develop analytical skills that help address issues of governance and to conceive slum upgrading in a multi-dimensional way, using two connected frameworks to achieve social sustainability: polycentric governance and spatial justice. (5) enables participants to identify good practices, and evaluate them in terms of spatial justice (6) enables participants to evaluate transferability of solutions At the end of this session, participants are able to: 1. Explain the “tragedy of the commons” and basic ideas of social sustainability in relation to resources and assets management , 2. Explain and use concepts of spatial justice [distributive and procedural] as a guideline for policy design, 3. Utilize principles of polycentric governance and spatial justice for slum upgrading policy design. 4. Identify good practice in slum upgrading strategies around the world and evaluate transferability of solutions.
11 Feb 2020

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TitleWorld Urban Forum 10
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LocationAbu Dhabi Exhibition Center- ADNEC, Khaleej Al Arabi Street, Abu Dhabi.
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