TitleTU Delft and NS study the impact of the coronavirus crisis on travel behaviour
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Media name/outletTU Delft
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DescriptionOn 24 April 2020, TU Delft and NS started a large-scale study of the impact of the coronavirus crisis on people’s travel behaviour. As from today, some 100,000 NS passengers will be approached to take part. The intelligent lockdown has caused the number of train passengers to drop to some 7% of the normal number over the past few weeks. When day-to-day life gradually resumes, more and more people will start using public transport again. As a result of the coronavirus measures, trains can only carry 20 to 25% of the number of passengers they usually transport, so we need to know more about the wishes and travel intentions of passengers.
PersonsN. van Oort
Period24 Apr 2020

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