A non-hydrostatic free-surface model was set up to simulate salt and heat transport in a solar pond in order to: 1) investigate the added value of free-surface models for these types of simulations, and 2) assess the importance of heat transport along a sloping side wall. This data set presents the source code, the raw measurement and model data, and several movies comparing the vertical two-dimensional (2DV) model simulations to the measurements. To demonstrate the added value of a free surface approach, this data set includes model results for both free surface and rigid-lid simulations. The presented model code is an extension of the SWASH non-hydrostatic model, which is briefly introduced in this document. A complete discussion of the model results and conclusions are provided in an accompanying article.
Date made available2017
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU Centre for research data
Date of data production2009 - 2017
Geographical coverageSolar pond in laboratory, University of Nevada, Reno

ID: 69549811