Dr. D.J.M. (Theo) van der Voordt
E: D.J.M.vanderVoordt@tudelft.nl
W: www.tudelft.nl/djmvandervoordt; www.mbe.bk.tudelft.nl
Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Department of Management in the Built Environment; Julianalaan 134, 2628 BL Delft, the Netherlands

Dr. Theo J.M. van der Voordt (1950) is emeritus associate professor in Corporate and Public Real Estate Management at the Department of Management in the Built Environment, Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology. After his graduation in Civil Engineering (1974) he worked one year as a construction engineer. Then he moved to the discipline of architectural research and research in people-environment relationships. In the eighties of the last century he developed guidelines for health care centres, child care centres, day-care centres for mentally handicapped people, and Design for All.

In 1991 he finished his PhD thesis on Public Safety and the Built Environment (together with Dr. Herman van Wegen), in which he presented a theory about crime prevention through environmental design and a checklist for practitioners on how to create a safe environment.

In the nineties he published a number of books and papers on housing and care for the elderly, including Ouderen in ziekenhuizen (about elderly friendly hospitals (1994), Verpleeghuizen: varianten en alternatieven [Nursing homes: current solutions and alternatives] (1995), and Praktijkhandboek bouw en beheer – Wonen met zorg voor ouderen (about housing and care for the elderly).

His current research topics include new ways of working, performance measurement, workplace management, adaptive reuse as a means to cope with structurally vacant office buildings, successful health care real estate strategies, and adding value by real estate. This research aims to develop and test theories on adding value by real estate, to improve our understanding of successful real estate strategies, and to develop practical guidelines and tools to support data collection and decision making processes. The work on offices is conducted in co-operation with the Center for People and Buildings in Delft, a knowledge centre that specializes in the relationship between people, working processes and the working environment (www.cfpb.nl).

Theo van der Voordt is the (co-)author of numerous journal papers and books, including Costs and Benefits of Innovative Workplace Design (2003), Architecture in Use (2005), Transformation and re-use of vacant office buildings (2005, in Dutch), The Added Value of Facilities Management (2012), Accommodation management: from strategy till management of buildings-in-use (2012, in Dutch; second revised edition: 2017), and FM and CREM as Value Drivers: how to manage and measure adding value.


2000 - 2015 Senior researcher at the Center for People and Buildings, Delft, Netherlands

1997 - 2015 Delft University of Technology (DUT), Delft, Faculty of Architecture
                     Department of Management in the Built Environment

1990-1997  DUT, Department of Architecture

1984-1990  DUT, Research Institute of Urban Planning and Architecture (OSPA)

1975-1984  DUT, Center for Architectural Research (CA)

1974-1975  Adviesbureau Van Ruitenburg BV, Rotterdam (construction engineering)


1991            PhD-thesis on crime prevention through environmental design, TU Delft

1975-1976  Courses in Statistics

1967-1974  Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Delft

1962-1967  St. Franciscus college, Rotterdam (high school)

Teaching activities

2005 - 2016  Supervision of PhD-students

2002 - 2012  Coordinator of the REM graduation lab

1997 - 2015  Lectures on briefing and post-occupancy evaluation

1978 - 2015  Courses in research methodology

1988 - 1990  Lectures on Environmental Psychology

1992 - 1997  Project on programming of a residential area in Delft

1986 - 2015  Supervision of MSc-students preparing their graduation thesis

1989 - 1992  Supervision of students in post-doctoral coursesIncidentally

Guest lectures at Haagse Hogeschool, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool Rotterdam, FAU Sao Paulo, Brazil, etc.

Research activities

- Adding Value by Real Estate

 - Accommodating New Ways of Working

 - Transformation and adaptive re-use of vacant (office) buildings

- Successful Hospital Real Estate Strategies, in offices, health care, and in general

In the past:

- Spatial orientation and mental mapping

- Design for all, including people with physical disabilities

- Building adaptable housing- Crime prevention through environmental design.

- Post-occupancy evaluations of childcare centers, health care centers, day care centers
   for mentally impaired adults, facilities for housing and care of elderly people, office buildings.

The results of these studies have been published in numerous papers, reports and books. For a full list of publications please see www.tudelft.nl/djmvandervoordt,

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Theo_Van_der_Voordt2 or

Database TUD publications://repository.tudelft.nl/islandora/search/voordt?collection=research

Management activities

2003 - 2012 Member of the Daily Board of the RE&H/MBE Department

2003 - 2012 Head of the REM section of RE&H/MBE

2002 - 2011 Coordinator of the research program of Real Estate & Project Management

1991 - 1993 Member of the Faculty Council

1986 - 1997 Member of the daily board of the Department of Architecture

1986 - 1997 Coordinator of five design research programs

1979 - 1989 Member of the scientific research committee at the Faculty of Architecture

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