Urban Development Management

Visiting address
Julianalaan 134
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
2628 BL
Phone: +31639251232

Research interests

Research Expertise

I am an assistant professor in Urban Development Management at Delft University of Technology since 2008. My research expertise lies in “sustainable private sector-led urban development projects” with a specialisation in public-private partnerships and real estate development. I am fascinated by the role the private sector like real estate developers and investors increasingly perform in making our real estate, urban places and cities more sustainable. Therefore, I want to understand the private sector decision-making logic and business drivers for delivering and investing in sustainable projects, as well as the role public authorities can play to incentivise and stimulate sustainable private-led urban development practices and behaviour. I have wide experience in international comparative research (mainly in Anglo-Saxon countries, UK, US, AUS, CAN, HK), and over the years conducted professional research for Dutch companies and municipalities.

Research Interest

In my research I focus on studying the changing roles and relationships between the state and the market, or public and private actors, in shaping and delivering urban places. This involves understanding the connection between institutional environment and urban projects, linking planning policies to market decisions, as well as framing the roles of and interactions between private sector actors (developers, investors, corporations, communities) and public organisations (local planning authorities) in delivering urban projects. Recently I have broadened my research scope towards the sustainability and circular economy, as I currently participate in an EU H2020 research project called REPAiR, focusing on multi-actor governance and decision-making in circular urban developments.

Key Publications

  • Heurkens, E., Adams, D. & Hobma, F. (2015) Planners as market actors: The role of local planning authorities in the UK’s urban regeneration practice. Town Planning Review. 86 (6), 625-650.
  • Heurkens, E. & Hobma, F. (2014) Private sector-led urban development projects: Comparative insights from planning practices in the Netherlands and the UK. Planning Practice and Research. 29 (4), 350-369.
  • Heurkens, E. (2012) Private Sector-led Urban Development Projects: Management, Partnerships and Effects in the Netherlands and the UK. Delft, Delft University of Technology.
  • Squires, G., Heurkens, E. & Peiser, R. (eds.) (2018) Routledge Companion to Real Estate Development. London: Routledge.
  • Squires, G. & Heurkens, E. (2016) Methods and models for international comparative approaches to real estate development. Land Use Policy. 50, 573-581.
  • Squires, G. & Heurkens, E. (eds.) (2015) International Approaches to Real Estate Development. London, Routledge.

Research output

  1. Interdisciplinary and experiential learning in urban development management education

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  2. De meerwaarde van stedelijke kavelruil

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