F. Oikonomopoulou (Recipient), Telesilla Bristogianni (Recipient), Fred Veer (Recipient), Rob Nijsse (Recipient) & Gerardus Baardolf (Recipient)

3rd international competition organised by the Society of Façade Engineering
This international award on outstanding facade innovation was given by the Society of Facade Engineering to the research group of TU Delft and to the ABT structural engineers involved in the research and the development of the Crystal Houses facade.
Commenting on Crystal Houses: “This is a beautifully crafted example of a small but precisely executed commercial building. The judges were impressed by the attention to detail and thorough research and engineering that went into the project.”
Awarded date1 Dec 2016
Granting OrganisationsSociety of Façade Engineering
Awarded at eventThe Glass Supper 2016

ID: 16397558