Method for testing a memory under test (1) including a plurality of memory cells and a Memory Built-In Self-Test Engine (2) connectable to a memory under test. The MBIST engine (2) is arranged to generate appropriate addressing and read and/or write operations to the memory under test (1). The MBIST engine (2) is connected to a March Element Stress register (MESR) (3), a generic march element register (GMER) (4), and a Command Memory (5). The GMER (4) specifies one of a set of Generic March Elements (GME), and the MESR (3) specifies the stress conditions to be applied. Only a few GMEs are required in order to specify most industrial algorithms. The architecture is orthogonal and modular, and all speed related information is contained in the GME. In addition, only little memory is required for the specification of the test, providing a low implementation cost, yet with a high flexibility.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS8910001 B2
Priority date16/03/10
StatePublished - 9 Dec 2014

ID: 1469668