Society counts a growing number of group-dynamic challenges like civilian movements, resident initia-tive, self steering teams on the work floor and innovation team challenges. The basis driving force is governments that draw back, increasing competition in business and empowerment of people. Exam-ples are the Juuka regional economic development and the Dutch sustainable city-developments as they depend on peoples’ initiatives. For the prosperity of such initiatives a mock-up research is done on an Ice-building in Juuka, Finland (FL) project. The conclusions are: ‘Making results’ and ‘leaders to follow’ are more important motivators for the participants than fun-making and problem-solving. Front-runners inspire participants inside the initiative group. During the running time the ideal front-runner changes from locals and support people in general towards leading personalities being notable and leader type locals and participants. For such group-dynamic challenges the advice is: set clear notable targets and connect leader-type front-runners to the project, for extra motivation of the par-ticipants: built on ‘social togetherness’ (instead of social cohesion) for achieving results.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationISOFF ICE symposium
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Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventIce-bridge building 2016, Juuka, Finland - s.l.
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ConferenceIce-bridge building 2016, Juuka, Finland
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  • group-dynamics, process-development, motivators, action-prospects, Finland-Netherlands

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