• Paul Prinsloo
  • Sharon Slade
  • Mohammad Khalil
Despite evidence that learning analytics has become institutionalised within higher education since its emergence in 2011, there remain questions regarding its impact on informing curricula, pedagogy and ultimately, on student success. A variety of factors can impact on the successful implementation of learning analytics. Despite its huge potential, learning analytics may become stuck in the middle of, inter alia, the need to balance operational needs and resource allocation, and different perceptions of learning, agency and loci of control in learning, teaching and macro-societal factors. In this conceptual paper, we propose an institutional cartography of learning analytics and explore the impact of a number of micro, meso and macro institutional factors that may impact and shape the institutionalisation of learning analytics. We utilise a socio-critical model for understanding student success as a conceptual basis for developing this cartography.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationthe European Distance and E-Learning Network 2018 Annual Conference
ISBN (Electronic)978-615-5511-23-3
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2018
EventEuropean Distance and E-Learning Network 2018 - Genova, Swaziland
Duration: 17 Jun 201820 Jun 2018


ConferenceEuropean Distance and E-Learning Network 2018

ID: 45582243