NatureCoast is the largest research program that focused on the Sand Motor, a large sandy peninsula, constructed in 2011 on the Dutch North Sea coast near The Hague. This unprecedented pilot project involved placing 21.5 million m3 of sand on and in front of the beach with the aim that it would spread along the coast. The Sand Motor
is a unique beach nourishment due to its size, the design philosophy behind it, and its multifunctionality. It combines the primary function of coastal protection with the creation of a new natural landscape that also provides new leisure opportunities. From the outset, “learning by doing” has been a crucial part of the project and NatureCoast was an integral part of this. Because of its innovations, the Sand Motor has triggered considerable political and scientific interest from all over the world. Broad research consortia were formed to conduct interdisciplinary research on the Sand Motor.
The NatureCoast program was carried out by a consortium of knowledge institutes and universities, and the research was conducted in cooperation with end-users from private companies, research institutes and governmental organizations. The Dutch Technology Foundation (NWO-TTW) provided the largest share
of the project funds. The research in NatureCoast focused on six themes: coastal safety, dune formation, marine ecology, terrestrial ecology, hydrology and geochemistry, and governance. This book presents countless facets of the Sand Motor, but we also hope it demonstrates the scientific merits of interdisciplinary research and how, ultimately, societies can benefit from it.
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Publication statusPublished - 13 May 2019

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