Disregarding their possible use in imaging, surface multiples are primarily still dealt with by 3D SRME (convolutional and/or wave equation modelling in different ratios) despite its well-documented shortcomings related to the need for adaptive subtraction and its well-known limitations in shallow water regimes. However, where necessary, this single prediction-subtraction process can easily be augmented by other methods generating additional predictions and then used in a simultaneous multi-model subtraction method, or the process can be completely replaced by an inversion algorithm (e.g. EPSI and its variants).
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Title of host publicationSurface and Internal Multiples: Lose them or Use them? Workshop at the 80th annual EAGE meeting
Subtitle of host publication15 June 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventSurface and Internal Multiples: Lose them or Use them? Workshop at the 80th annual EAGE meeting - Copenhagen, Denmark
Duration: 15 Jun 201815 Jun 2018


WorkshopSurface and Internal Multiples
OtherIn exploration seismology, most imaging and inversion approaches would not make use of multiple reflections, as such they have long been considered as noise, simply to be removed from the seismic data in a pre-processing step. However, an alternative view is that multiples should be included in imaging, since multiples, along with primary reflections, are an integral part of the physics of wave propagation that describes our seismic response.
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